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To help as many men as possible help get their mojo back.

Our Story

After embarking on a journey looking for a natural cure, Sam (Founder) decided to share his discoveries about leading pharmaceutical brands which they themselves admit have so many possible dangerous side effects.
He decided to research, and in the end offer 100% tried and tested natural supplements to help any man in the bedroom department that may be going through some of the same issues he faced, without putting yourself at risk to all the dangerous side effects.

Founders Note (The Long Story)

Back in late 2011, whenever the time came to have sex with my woman after making out, getting turned on, even having a semi, just when it mattered most and I wanted my penis to become fully erect and hard it would not go hard and upright, I kept losing my erection, I could not sustain it, even though I was with a stunning incredible woman.

First time I dis-regarded it, but same thing continued to happen it seemed to be a case of erectile dysfunction. Which made me feel weak, insecure and my woman kept becoming more and more bitchy not just in the bedroom even at the smallest things, it was though she had lost something that she felt for me previously.

Being a nerd at heart I researched and I studied, lifestyle habits, foods to eat, exercises to do, these thing helped a little but still were not having the desired effect, I was still having erection problems and not the natural hard erection I once used to have.

I researched all the famous drugs and found the side effects were devastating, once you use prescribed drugs you won't be having spontaneous erections any more you're penis will always be dead until the next time you pop a another pharmaceutical pill.

I kept digging and researching I could never fully relax this issue was still at the back of my mind. I sought advice from herbal medicine experts and advised numerous things what indivdual herbs to take, it was a few ingredients in raw form I had to have in a specific order.

This is when I got the idea of combining them all, so after contacting manufacturers the ingredients and through trial and error we put them together and we manufactured a 100% Eastern Herbal Combination containing all natural ingredients which were Cordyceps, Wolfberry, Ginseng, Epimedium sagittatun, Cyathula offinalis, Kuan,  Radix salviae, Cynomorium, Sougarica,  seeing as though this was completely 100% natural we expected there to be no side effects.

But when the final product was finished I could not wait to try it. I bought some back with me from my trip to try, but what happened when I was alone with my woman it didn't work at first and just had a normal semi and I was depressed and finally thought to myself okay I give up!! I'm just gonna give in and go with expensive drugs and pay £8 per pill. .

But it was too late I hadn't seen my woman for a while and she thought I wanted sex and started kissing me passionately and rubbing my cock, all of a sudden it turned into steel and would not go down, I was busting all my moves in complete control, I made her beg ALL NIGHT!!! Confidence restored it was a great amazing mind blowing night, especially for her :-)

But next day I did experience a side effect, I had a serious appetite and had to raid the fridge for anything I could find :-) Other than that, it truly turned out to be the best thing since sliced bread.

Night after night it worked again and again, I loved the formula so much I made a contract with a manufacturer in the UK to actually produce it for me. At first it was just a batch for myself, then I let a few friends try. Word quickly got out and sooner or later it seemed everyone was hassling me and demanding some, finaly I caved in and this is when SteelErections.co.uk went online


That was a year ago, since then I have got together with some manufacturers and we have experimented and researched more and different types of herbal supplements, different formulas, different combinations as we did this we understood the fact, that no matter how good a supplement may be, and no matter how many men may claim and rave about a single type of supplement and how good it works for them, the fact still remains that no one single supplement will work for ALL men.

The difference between natural and prescribed medicine through my research is that natural supplements will kick into gear once your natural hormones are aroused, once you get turned on it will work in sync with your natural hormones to deliver a hard solid erection.

But some famous instant result drugs get you hard without you needing to be aroused, so it is completely out of sync with your body. This is why it has long tern damaging effects to your penis and your overall health.

So having went through the emotions that I did, I believe every man deserves to try natrual supplements before putting themselves at risk to all those dangerous side effects. So this store is my gift for any and every man who is interested in keeping their sex life at their peak.

Just Remember to have Fun & use Responsibly!!!


Sam Gold