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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use Paypal without needing to register for an account?

Yes, you can checkout as a guest without needing to register for a Paypal account.

In your shopping cart there will be a orange Paypal button, once you click this button a Paypal Pop-up will appear, if you then scroll to the bottom of the page you will see the grey "checkout as guest button" see example image below;




Are Your Products Safe?

We class all of our products as supplements, if you have any heart conditions, suffer from high blood pressure or may be allergic to any of the stated ingredients of any one of our products please consult your doctor prior to taking.

Does your products comply with UK law?

We do not class any of our products as a medicine nor as a remedy of any kind, but only as food supplements, as all ingredients of each product are stated which is in accordance with Section 12, Section 12(1) Section 12 (2) and Section 13(2) of the Medicines Act 1968 which we fully comply with.

How Should I take?

Do not eat anything one hour prior to sexual activity this allows better and faster absorption. Please refer to each individual product as to guidance on usage.

After Taking Do I Suddenly Have A Boner To Know Its Working?

Our products work once you start engaging in sexual stimulation activities such as kissing, foreplay or even become visually excited this is when it will start working. This is because it works in harmony with the bio chemicals naturally found in your body, to give you an upright long lasting hard erection.

How Long Does it Last?

Results vary from product to product but typically the effects last 4 - 6 hours after they take effect

Will They Work After Consuming Alcohol?

It depends on the amount of alcohol you have consumed, for example drinking pints of larger or beer will take longer for it to absorb into your system. Whereas you won't have this problem when drinking spirits.

BUT we do not recommend taking it when alcohol is consumed this is because alcohol dehydrates your body fast and nothing kills off an erection faster than a dehydrated body. This is because dehydration causes poor blood flow, plus the side effects of alcohol effect your bio chemisty in a bad way so therefore we cannot guarantee all of our products will work when consuming or under the influence of alcohol.

Do You Accept Postal Orders?

Unfortunately we do not accept postal orders,. We use Allied wallet  and Paypal as it's one of the safest and securest form of online payment methods integrated, and as a result we do not even get to see your card details let alone hold them on our system.
I am Having trouble checking out, my card is not working?
Please contact us using our contact us form and let us know which products you are trying to order and from which country and we promise one of our team members will get back to you as quickly as possible with a solution.


Will My Order Be Kept Private?

Once again, your bank statement will show "online supplement order" with a transaction number only and nothing else. No web address or email address will be shown to avoid any embarrassing moments. Your order will then arrive in discreet plain small bubble wrap envelope with no fancy advertisements or labels other than your name and address to ensure the greatest level of privacy.

How Much Is Postage and Packaging?

Postage and Packaging is £3.00 UK + IRE flat rate regardless of how many items you order and FREE delivery for orders over £25.
EU countries its £5.00 Flat Rate European Recorded Delivery
Australia its £8.00 Flat Rate International Tracked Recorded Delivery
USA its £9.95 Flat Rate International Tracked Recorded Delivery
UAE its £9.95 Flat Rate International Tracked Recorded Delivery
Rest of The World its £8.00 Flat Rate Int Tracked Recorded Delivery
We dispatch FAST.. order's will arrive usually within 2 - 3 working days for UK + IRE orders and a  maximum of 5 -7 working days for orders from the rest of the world.

Do You Offer Next Day Special Delivery?

Unfortunately we do not offer Next Day Special Delivery, all of our mail is sent out discreetly in plain packaging via Royal Mail 1st class standard we find this to be the best method to protect privacy issues.

Also due to the fact that we use 1st class Royal Mail, sometimes its possible for you to receive your order the very next day but usually we advise most orders will arrive between 2 - 3 workings days maximum within the UK.


How do I check and Redeem my Reward Points?

To see how many reward points you have, simply login using a desktop computer or laptop. Once logged in, the bottom right hand corner will show how many points you have, you can click on this and all the current available options will be made available to you.

Our current reward scheme is 50 points for signing up, and a generous £50 gift voucher once you reach 500 points, or a £100 gift voucher when you reach 1000 points. You will receive a courtesy email from us just to remind you that you have a gift voucher waiting for you to be redeemed once you reach 500 or 1000 points.


I Have a Different Question Not Answered Here

Please contact us using out contact us form and we promise one of our team members will get back to you within 48 hours.